muse. editors. books. a film or two. knights.

burning blog-ish questions of late:

when will elle decor make mitchell owens the head honcho?
isn't it time? he's the perfect editor for the publication,
and -- lord knows, especially these days -- don't all
publications need practically perfect editors?

what publisher will wake up and smell the coffee
mrs. b brews so lovingly marvelously deliciously
for all of us in her sweet kitchen;
o! why do i have to wait sooo long to read
The Mrs. Blandings Book of Home Decor and Family Fun?
(she just saw Utah. now i have to go.)

when will little augury enter the documentary
business? as in: with all of her yummy posts, shouldn't
someone start working with her to make short movies
about all of this? magnificent tidbits of design (and so
on and so forth) history. honestly. cannes needs her. really.

when will mr. terestchenko's modern knights book be
available? soon, please?

All of the Above +
what's porter's next role in mad men?
she looks so remarkably swell
in those swanky glasses...


  1. When, indeed. To all, but the one I know the most about would be Elle Decor. Thanks for the links, Victoria.

  2. Victoria, that was just lovely! and ALL true! WHEN!?

  3. YOU are incredibly dear. You made my day.

  4. yes, dear d-h...that's the question...when?

    it's time!

    (does my heart glad to see the three of you stop by :)

  5. V. all sounds good to me, I dwell in possibility as a friend said-