quick study

Staged this home many years ago.
Best part? Incredible family lived
there ... and then another incredible
family moved in. A wonderful world!
Magnificent house. An all-time favorite.

photo by rick martin


birthdays wishes

December is a good month for birthdays.
A shout out to my wonderful sister and,
again, to our wonderful daughter. This
one's for you, Tinda. Thought you'd like it.

Marvelous marvelous shop on etsy
from the brilliant Farida Dowler. Here.

F. Scott and Eudora, Child Authors

There's a nice synopsis of St. Nicholas
here (as mentioned in previous post).

From it, we've gleaned our fun fact of the day:

"A number of children whose names would later be famous had their first publi-cations in the St. Nicholas League: F. Scott Fitzgerald, Edna St. Vincent Millay, William Faulkner, Ring Lardner, and Eudora Welty..."

Wishing a very merry birthday to our darling daughter, a book lover if ever there was one. Happy, happy day, dear Vivian Catherine! With great love. Always.


an ode to swimming pool

one of my very favorite stops,
has impeccable taste and
never fails to delight the eye

And a thank you to our hosts.

They were magnificent.
Couldn't have been better.
The most amazing hospitality!
Thank you, thank you.
With love.

Unexpectedly Fell in Love

With Arizona. A few weekends ago.
Look forward to going back. Soonish.