tote red


mr. navarro goes to marfa

enough to make you
pack your bags:
visits marfa

new kid on the block

(go, see!)

beautiful honors (off to bake a cake)

it's a lovely day when someone says hello
the way these two have; with grateful
thanks, I accept the privilege of being
honored with delightful awards from


now, I must compile the necessary
ingredients to bake the cakes I'd
like to set before you: luscious bits
that will do the job of thanking
these two (who have been so generous)
and you (for whom the cake must be tasty
enough)...and do justice to those I'd like
to send you off to visit...



About a week ago, I wrote -- offhandedly, actually -- something in response to a question. The question was asked by someone whom I respect, someone with an excellent work ethic and an eye that will take him far.

My response surprised me.

I don't usually admit it to myself anymore.

It was something that, years ago, I was quite certain of. But I lost the gist...somewhere, in the mill that life becomes, I lost the simple meaning of what I wanted. To pursue design as a sort of career (something, for me, that would fit well in the small crevices of personal time that were part of the geography of being a mother of four) seemed a more-than-acceptable substitute.

But a substitute is always that. A substitute.

"What kind of work do you do?"

The answer to his question is the one that I can't get out of my mind.

(P. S. I have loved design, and always will. Like Pippi, I am a thing-finder.)


lucky in life

there are days when you
come home to yourself &
nothing is more glorious
or simple. thank God for
those we love and those
we care for. how lucky is
life, just the living of it?



Be faithful
in small things
it is in them
that your
strength lies.

mother theresa