need a vacation?


Via Liza Corbett's lovely eye
and 1stdibs. John Derian.

mobility and fairy tales

Shedworking makes me happy.

It just seems to always make me happy.

thought for the day:
don't ever discount the luxury of a smaller
place and a light suitcase. mobility: nice.

(granted, the fairy tale above is somewhat of
a fixer-upper. but it is crazy sweet, nonetheless.)

swimming pool

went to visit their amazing
blog this morning, and this quote
made me (as swissmiss says) smile.
they have a truly great eye. a charming
sense of style. & the requisite dollop
of humor one needs to just get by.
in short: brilliant.

art by the magnificent ardizzone



the school for cats

wrote and illustrated

[what a delicious cover...
could it be any better?]


it was one of those weeks

[have always found this image haunting
(how could it not be?); it was posted
today by the always-inspiring Rooms
which included a link worth reading]

and one more time: thanks

Today, someone whom I respect (greatly) 
reminded me of Louis Slobodkin

And I thought of
written by
 and illustrated by

And I thought of Wanda
That girl could draw.
What an inspiration.

(thanks, Everyday Musings, for the Slobodkin link)


via englegaard


...he says he's just the curator

Peacay, from Sydney, says (in his profile) "To me, the content of this site (wonderful things made by other people) far outweighs my own pedestrian talents. I'm just the curator." It's a beautiful site (as most people know, already); what really stuns me, though, is the humble attitude he's put forth. Consider the amount of work he does, collecting and curating these images. All in all, don't you think it displays great generosity of spirit? An atmosphere that pervades the entire enterprise. Amazing. Thanks, Peacay from Sydney. 

the work of edward ardizzone

"...He is also particularly noted for having not just
illustrated the covers and contents of books but
inking the title text and author's name in his own
hand, giving the books a distinctive look on shelves..."

incredibly flattered

that gorgeous swimming pool likes us!

above, from our esoterica post


what? yes: heretic, then, if you must...

you're really busy, and probably don't have an extra seventeen minutes to spare. but, if you do, this is something you might want to see. sheepwalkers need not apply: it won't make any sense to them, anyways. thanks, swissmiss & thinking aloud for sharing.

the selby: julia roitfeld

back to alice

i know i am always sending you over
to alice in wonderland, but sweet
alice saga has pointed out this about
mr. meisel and vogue italia and i just
thought you oughta know. more here.

alice says: contact michel mallard
at mallard.janvier@gmail.com 
and specify your country of residence
and it looks like the meisel book can be 
yours for a pretty terrific price: 49 Euros