Reading the World, in San Francisco. Following Folktales in the Ukraine. Two Wonderful Journeys, and You're Invited!

We're going to conduct a few "4 by 4" interviews in the next few weeks...four questions, four minutes. Quick and informative, with fun topics and fascinating folks.

Our first interview is with 
Dr. Beverly Vaughn Hock, 
a most amazing woman 
(a veritable and charming force of nature!) 
and we've asked her about 
the marvelous conference taking place 
at the University of San Francisco, 
on the 
and about an upcoming 
adventure in the Ukraine--
one you might want to join in!

Below, four quick questions,
 with answers from Dr. Bev Hock:

1. The most fun about "Reading the World?"
The most exciting part is seeing people come together to make connections and build relationships, all brought about by the love of the book. Literature is a transformative vehicle and I get to watch it happen right before my eyes every conference.
2. Best comment afterwards, from someone who's attended? 
"I don’t care who is coming next. I know it will be great. I mark my calendar a year ahead. It was wonderful to be around such a brilliant group of people who are attempting to be a positive influence to humanity through writing, illustrating, and publishing children’s literature."

3. The Ukraine! You are going! What seems most thrilling?
I always look forward to meeting with contemporary authors and illustrators. I love, however, plunging into the folktales since the proverbs and sayings in them always provide wonderful clues and insights into the national psyche of a people. 
This is a part of the world I have never seen, so it will be a wonderful adventure - and we have the most wonderful inspiring and educated guide (one we adore) who will be explaining the culture to us.
4. Tell me where to sign up for both or either. 

Elena Polenova, "Ducks save Filipko," 
Courtesy State Tretyakov Museum, Moscow
Illustration, above: Rosemary Wells, Bunny Cakes


  1. Oh! To travel...

    I love her answer to question #1.

    Thanks for sharing this with us--very nice!

  2. Anonymous8/3/09 08:48

    I have heard there will be an art auction this year at Reading the World. Can you tell me more about it?

  3. Dear Anon--

    Working on it! Know I saw info. a few weeks ago...believe there will be some work by wonderful illustrators. As soon as I've got the facts, will post them!