square deal

dear liz danzico,

Thanks for your intentional organization. Every day.

And thanks for the Ryan Freitas (35 lessons) post today (from which I quote the following):


- Debates over terminology and semantics are for archivists and academics. If you’re interested in the living heart of what you do, focus on building things rather than talking about them.

- No one gives a damn about the size of your to-do list.

- How we handle ambiguity and failure has a lot to do with our potential for success.

- Your reputation is more important than your paycheck, and your integrity is worth more than your career.
Ryan Freitas


summer round-up

water ph: vt

As imperceptibly as Grief
The Summer lapsed away—
Too imperceptible at last
To seem like Perfidy—
A Quietness distilled
As Twilight long begun,
Or Nature spending with herself
Sequestered Afternoon—
The Dusk drew earlier in—
The Morning foreign shone—
A courteous, yet harrowing Grace,
As Guest, that would be gone—
And thus, without a Wing
Or service of a Keel
Our Summer made her light escape
Into the Beautiful.

emily dickinson


dear mr. mendelsund,

Your new post is more
delectable than any
lobster roll could ever be.

Even so, hear's hoping
your fare at the Gropius
Clam Shack was delish.