from now on

"'But from now on I'm going to have a very good reason before I make up my mind about anything. You can lose too much time jumping to Conclusions.'

The car was just where they'd left it, and in a moment they were on their way again as the road turned away from the sea and began its long climb into the mountains."
the phantom tollbooth
norton juster

Couture Interiors Ivan Terestchenko

san francisco first please,
mr. terestchenko?



for s, who made me think of him, here
(& for the fam, because we all do love him so)


bonito fabrica

(these would be so perfect
for a project i am working on)

kindergarten instructions

use a green crayon to draw water.
or use blue.
either way, it works.

use silver, if the water is silver.
use the color you need.
don't let anyone talk you out of this.

you know what you see.


always welcome good advice.
& somehow-calm green walls.
(it's funny what you realize you love in the long run.)
surprising, sometimes. sometimes not.