Audrey Hepburn Redux

The little Audrey Hepburn table has been a big hit...
so I've ordered up one more dish o'raspberries
with a sweet smile on the side. Cheers!

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"Garden office rooms are all the rage," says Emilia D’Erlanger

Great article on working from home, via Shedworking.

(If I read Shedworking enough,
will a lovely little shed appear in my backyard?
With a comb and a brush and a bowl full of mush?
And an old lady--would that be me, now?--whispering hush?
Once upon a time,
I certainly read "Goodnight Moon" enough...
when the T.K. were all so very little.
And it seems it has appeared, somewhat...
now, where is that rocking chair?)

I digress.
"Garden office rooms are all the rage," says Emilia D’Erlanger,
interior designer. "The smartest of addresses now all
want a media room and a garden office
as a sanctuary away from distractions."

Roald Dahl and Dylan Thomas worked at home;
one would be in good company.

Working at home. The new old frontier?

Now, if my smart garden shed
would manifest in my backyard. Bitte.

(above, a sweet little brickhouse @the Presidio)


Be Light of Heart

A Summer Rhyme, In Time for Fall

I asked my mother for fifty cents
To see the elephant jump the fence;
He jumped so high he reached the sky
And didn't come back till the Fourth of July.

illustrated by Maurice Sendak