go ahead

be a light; use what you've got.
share it. pour forth- spend out, for all the best reasons.

is there anything more beautiful
than generosity of spirit?

happy new year, with love
wishing you a glorious 2012



does this happen to anyone else?
i still have a half-dozen important
presents to wrap (a few to send),
still want to mail out some sort of
card, still feel like it's not over. the
folks who throw their trees out on
the 26th (yes, i know some are going to
the snow)- i just never quite understood. is
it just me? maybe because i adore
christmas, the joy it will bring. and
as i get older (thank god) it has almost
nothing to do with presents. just with
presence, being with others & love.
there is so much to get done. and
(now that i think of it) that's a gift in
itself. to have people still to send
love to! what could be better?

envelope sent via delightful washimata


for the winter ball

a small handmade corsage
to be tied around the wrist
with raffia and ribbon

[winter rose hip, lavender,
cyclamen leaf, entwined raffia,
black and white checkered ribbon,
rosemary, and a velvet bud
nestled in an open pod]