on the back of a plain white postcard

i think my reaction is that the question was
too mighty to answer offhandedly and i
don't have time to answer any other way.



e.g. a stamp for this letter

never exaggerate.
never say more than
you really mean.
- c. s. lewis

"Dear Joan, Hurrah! The essay on Easter is a promising bit of work; the sentences are clear and taut and don't sprawl. You'll be able to write prose alright. As for what you are saying, I think you are exaggerating a bit at the end. Everything I need is in my soul? The Heck it is! Or if so, it must contain many virtues and a great deal of wisdom which neither I nor anyone else could ever find there. Very little of what I need is present in my soul. I mean, even things of the soul's own sort, like humility or truthfulness. And it certainly does not in any obvious sense contain a number of other things which I need at the moment: e.g. a stamp for this letter. Never exaggerate. Never say more than you really mean..." [C. S. Lewis, Letters to Children]