today i will not shop, but will listen to carols.
(which i could do all year long, given the right
ones.) sweet ribbons & boxes above: bell'occhio.

{among our first highly recommended gifts}

photos: bell'occhio


utterly enchanting

photos: bell'occhio

over the river and through the woods

over the river and through the woods
to grandmother's house we go/the horse
knows the way to carry the sleigh/through
the white and drifty [that's how we sang it]
snow/over the river and through the woods
oh how the wind does blow/it stings the toes
and bites the nose/as over the ground we go

may your holiday
be full of blessings
and your heart
full of joy

one of our first highly recommended gifts

imperfect postcards from mary randolph carter

it's been busy here,
dear reader. but stay
stay tuned! as soon as
the stuffing's stuffed & the
turkey is basted, there's
something fun in store:
imperfect postcards from
the inimitable m. r. c.,
author of the treasured
(which is sitting on the
desk beside me as we
speak). worth waiting for.
talk to you soon. happy thanksgiving!

photo: mary randolph carter

p. s. carter will be at oblong books friday 11.27