happy, happy days

wishing a most joyful weekend
to both of our sweet birthday girls
(and everyone who wanders by the
little blog for the next few days)

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mary randolph carter

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su wu

le wo and we

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"make something with your hands, pure of heart"

a fair at the beach.
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i wish i had gotten there quick enough
to get a little one at least. oh well. here.

(happy update: snow melted servers.
& now they're back up. want? here)

highly recommended gifts

imperfect postcards V

a little christmas from mary randolph carter:

"Last Christmas day my sister Nell and I dragged in this long weather-worn trestle table from outside and set it up in the front hall of Muskettoe Pointe Farm. There would be forty of us for our sit-down holiday dinner, so it was a last-minute solution! My father had built it and another years ago for one of our weddings. Mother said no one would sit there because it was off the beaten track, i.e. not in the main dining room near the tree and open fire. Her instincts are usually right, but not that night. It was the most popular seat in the house. I think because it was something new and totally improvised. A few hours before dinner began, my son Carter caught the imperfect table perfectly!"


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scintillating ancient industries

imperfect postcards IV

"This photo of my Mother and Father was taken in the sixties by a good friend who would often visit Muskettoe Pointe Farm, our home in Virginia. It is the most romantic image of them caught in the fields beyond our house. They were in love from the time they were 12 years old."

And how can you say I love you to someone you love?

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entering into silence enables us
to enter into stillness...if
[getting things done, which is important]
is all we do, then we really are
living one-dimensional lives.
we're living on the surface.

image: lithesome toast

the landscape of our heart

image: the Most Excellent tea and cactus


imperfect postcards [and splendid lovely style court]

from mary randolph carter:

"This pic from the book (page 213) was taken by my son Carter Berg in his blue Ford pick-up that he lets me borrow to go junking. From the looks of it and the smile on my face it was a successful hunt! I am wearing my favorite old torn-up black and blue checked flannel quilted work shirt that I bought over twenty years ago in a local work wear kind of store. It's so comfortable and comforting."

[there's a truly wonderful post
at style court today. courtney
has chronicled mary randolph
carter's holiday workshop, here.
imperfectly magnificent holiday fun.
style court's earlier & equally
superb post is here.
a pure delight!

foster and edge


imperfect postcards from mary randolph carter (a series)

"An old windup clock
that has sat on my desk
in NYC for years and years.
It's never ticked a tock!
(note the dust!)"

hiroko kurihara

blanket shares project
& an event on 12.3.2010




i cannot tell a lie; i still haven't
caught my breath since the tangy
cranberry sauce set to boil (it's
always the first thing we make
on thanksgiving). a small whirl
wind here, and just picking up
a few pieces. in the meantime
(speaking of pieces) i need to
share a blog i have been loving
since seeing somewhile ago a note
mr. basemen left at mag. yhbhs.

enjoy, please. i certainly do.