How to Write and Illustrate a Picture Book

Reader, I believe this is the most
magnificent page I have ever seen.

It is beautiful, mainly, in that it encapsulates
perfectly an art which intrigues so many. I've
read so much about this, over the years, and
I can tell you that no one has even come close
to covering the subject so purely and concisely.
And it is in response to a query, once, from
yours truly. Was it a surprise and is it pure joy?

Yes, and yes. Here.

class winners

How did I miss this era?
Did I ever tell you I won the canoe race at camp?
Somehow, this all looks really right to me.
Pair it with a cute midshipman in a raccoon coat, and you've got a deal.

via [marvelous] archival clothing


home again home again jiggety jig (II)

should one draw, blog, write,
empty the dishwasher, read,
answer emails, tackle projects,
organize mountain of books,
attempt to capture the summer
in 500 words,
or walk the dog?

(also: the springtime-new wisteria needs water)

and, soon, i have something beautiful
to tell you about. written words.
divine ones. [see How to post, above]

(sadie awaits. her leash at the ready.
we walk.)