honestly, if min could just come wave a magic
wand in my house and take care of all the things
that needed to be taken care of (wallpaper? fresh
fabrics on the well-loved chairs? assorted odds &
ends?), i'd be quite happy to just go read to young
ones all day. the traveling story-lady, or some such
thing; we could make dioramas. and books. and...

a girl can dream, right?

gorgeous rooms, papers, fabrics: min hogg

(and i am realizing that even without most
excellent min & her way with a home, this
reading and book-making is what i will do,
anyway. time to take a dream and make it
real? the chairs, in their old fabric, smile.)

how much i would have
wanted this victorian
doll bed, back in the day?
a. lot. a. lotalot.
(it's close to perfect, isn't it?)
so tempting.

image: nick haus

one hundred and four candles

a happy 104.

(all that light. such splendor.)