That Blue Again


Paris in Blue

Went to Paris, in September, 
a few years ago...it was warm, 
and awfully sunny, and pretty 
much a dream come true. 

Everything you might 
want Paris is to be.


I fell in love with the cobblestones 
and the blues. Suppose you could
say Paris is where I learned to love

Like I said.

A dream.

Come true.


The Rights of the Reader

a book that is highly 
recommended by Joan, 

"We didn’t confess, 
we weren’t looking for a piece of eternity, but 
it was a moment of communion between us, 
of textual absolution, a return to the only 
paradise that matters: intimacy. 
Without realizing it, we were discovering 
one of the crucial functions of storytelling 
and, more broadly speaking, of art in general, 
which is to offer a respite from human struggle.

Love wore a new skin.

And it was free."

The Shambles Museum Four-Day Sale


feels like home

Will save you from the six-page essay I'd like to write right now about why this feels like home. 

Suffice it to say that my family (see: Maine foxes, below) lived in Germany for the first half of the seventies. And Ravensburger (above) was an integral part of everything. 

This morning, while taking note (again) of the brilliant eye of Paul K. (creator of sumptuous BibliOdyssey), saw that he has linked to a German illustrator (Patrick Wirbeleit) whom I can't wait to find out more about. 

And, thankfully, Patrick has, also, a sweet blog. With Ravensburger milch cows und a barn and a field and a house and... Goodbye. I am off to check out Illuopa. Guten Tag and all that (yep. I took German I & II about six times. Would that I were a linguist, but I, sadly, am not).


Shambles II

Shambles III

Shambles IV

clean palette



angela angela angela

You Daren't Let Us...

Schoolgirl's Weekly

but wait, there's more!

Tabouret Pauchard 
d’époque en métal 

of course, Anna, we

with the choice of your chair

"'...the chair was created for use in the weather forecasting room on a battleship,' and notes that it 'was supplied to bars and brasseries by breweries in exchange for selling their beer.'" read more? here and here. buy it? here. hey. what's not to love, with this history? okay. thank you. we'll take six. or eight. Please.

dear reynards

Mr. Huntington, of Maine, has a keen family
of foxes on his site. Made me think of a few
foxes elsewhere. Have a brilliant Monday, all.