the experience of joyful play is not something that must be sought on some mystical margin of existence; it can readily be found in the reality of ordinary life

yet within this experienced reality it constitutes a signal of transcendence, because its intrinsic intention points beyond itself

. . . all men have experienced the deathlessness of childhood and we may assume that, even if only once or twice, all men have experienced transcendent joy in adulthood
-peter l. berger


the point could also be made that many new intellectual departures
have become possible only after the luxuriant complexities accumulated
before them have once more been reduced to surveyable simplicity
-peter berger, a rumor of angels


a flash

the whole of life is learning
to ignite without dependence
on any specific external means . . . it is learning
that the spark, being a flash at the apex and explosion
of all freedoms, can never be subject
to control or to enlightenment,

can never be got by pressing buttons

-t. merton, learning to live