To Read: English Muse

A few days ago, we noticed a charming pink typewriter amongst our followers. 

It's the English Muse.

'Though she's fairly new in blog-town, she's also a columnist for the LA Times.

We've decided we like her. A lot.

Charming. Witty. With good Voguealicious taste.

Welcome, English Muse!

Cheerio, and all that.

Book 'em, Danno

from monica, via swissmiss


Good Morning, Toronto

more on the 
Toronto Subway 

[I just loved "Finch," the 50's coats, 
& the unique-to-Toronto typeface]

Sink {Pins}

fun stuff at Poppytalk

Change the World. One student at a time.

Dave Eggers

Worth a listen. Click the quote.

dave art courtesy of the wooster collective

puppet via visualingual:

[Visualingual also succinctly sums up part of
the Eggers mission, here:
"There are 826 programs in other cities,
and other specialty stores as well:
Superhero Supply Company in NYC,
Monsters Union Local in Ann Arbor,
Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co. in Seattle,
Time Travel Store in LA,
and a
Secret Agent Supply Store in Chicago."]

Still with us? See:
your story, from ted & dave

change the world,

one student at a time...

teachers rock.

[go tinda]

books from little brown pen


Kitchen Air


Miss Go Chi in Heaven

It is heavenly. Only word for it. Heaven. Other word: divine.

The tree that fills her room with yellow light...

Cashmere, Valens, Moore, Nemerov, David, Corey, Miss Fine, Nutcracker...the list is too long. Every bit is delicious. Every molecule of every morsel.

I will read it again and again, my little boat never tiring of the divine shore of heaven.

It is quite perfect, I believe.

M.B. Goffstein

photograph, copyright MB Goffstein

Roughing It.

Kitchen by Schnabel

nice provenance for a kitchen:
design by Julian Schnabel

Burton Textiles from Folly Cove: 1940-1969

Love campaign furniture.

campaign & cottage

Windows at Asilomar
Julia Morgan


The Roorkee Chair