mankes chanel and kuhn

oranjewoud by jan mankes
chanel in stripes
heinrich kuhn's violets

topsy design

we have been through everything together

We have been through everything together.
As if we were all wrapped up in one another's lives,
we have a relationship with others that is timeless
and extraordinarily profound. In this vision
the whole world becomes our closest family.

jonathan cott

the remembrance of past lives from
the tibetan buddhist perspective,
a conversation with sogyal rinpoche


rucksack rucksack rucksack

a terrific
word and
here is) a spectacular
version of said species
from the always-inspiring

archival clothing

why art?

because in words pictures voices heard notes sung
there is that unexpected shiver that runs up my spine,
i realize i've forgotten to breathe for a minute & it's got
to be the closest thing to touching heaven when we are
here on earth: like the face of your child the wisdom of
those who care for you the hand of your true love it is
the treasure of the eternal in the land of those who live

that's why art

cocteau's attache case:



More awkwardly still, architecture asks us to imagine that happiness might often have an unostentatious, unheroic character to it, that it might be found in a run of old floorboards or in a wash of morning light over a plaster wall -- in undramatic, frangible scenes of beauty . . .

-- alain de botton