why art?

because in words pictures voices heard notes sung
there is that unexpected shiver that runs up my spine,
i realize i've forgotten to breathe for a minute & it's got
to be the closest thing to touching heaven when we are
here on earth: like the face of your child the wisdom of
those who care for you the hand of your true love it is
the treasure of the eternal in the land of those who live

that's why art

cocteau's attache case:


  1. Victoria I am lost for words. I reckon the feeling of being left breathless when lost in contemplation before a masterpiece. I could die because of Matisse. If for a short instant a work of mine has triggered this divine thrill, I must have done something bigger than myself. I don't know what to say but Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  2. Robert Filliou said " Art is what makes life more interesting than art "...
    That is what you and Ivan Terestchenko succeed to do !