Tree Huts: Madison Square Garden

"Tree huts in particular are an emerging focus of Kawamata’s work; a crystallization of Kawamata’s interest in the architecture of shelter and of the insertion of private objects into public spaces as a method of renegotiating the meaning of both."


Thanks to the ever-inspiring Shedworking 
for the heads-up...
it's been fun to watch this become a reality. 

Tree houses of dreams, yes? 


"...a Stunning Thanksgiving Table"

Kim Boatman, Rick Martin, and I teamed up several times to present holiday tables (and other bits of decoration, for other bits of holidays) for the Mercury News. It was a wonderful undertaking, and involved a bit of hard work and preparation...

All fun, because it was a most excellent team. I believe we enjoyed working together and came up with some pretty good stuff. The Merc liked us. We were asked to cover a number of holidays after another.

I was the designer/stylist/prop master, Rick the photographer, Kim the writer. They are both magnificent. It was a great lark; and, now, when October rolls around, I grow somewhat nostalgic for the tables. As luck would have it, a few still seem to exist on the web.

Herewith, the Seattle Times version of one of the Thanksgiving Tables. Enjoy! Just Click.


The Insomniacs Kitchen, a New Delight from Artist Emily Lister

I absolutely love a wonderful new blog called "The Insomniacs Kitchen." 

It's charming and spritely and cheerful and it makes me want to learn Yiddish and cook things in my dutch oven (it's about time...that dutch oven was getting lonely in the cupboard) and try to make Raisin Bran Muffin Cake and only eat whole grains. Why? Because Emily says so, and because she makes it all sound so deliciously fun.

Come to find out, Emily doesn't just write wonderful bits about blackstrap molasses gingerbread and Laurie Colwin and the Old Sturbridge Village Cookbook. (I still have a little straw broom from Sturbridge Village, acquired at the ripe old age of seven. It is, for me, a great prize...it brings me a bit of handmade bliss...) 

Well, back to wondrous Emily...she is also the incredibly talented illustrator of over a dozen books, and an extraordinarily gifted painter. Please do drop by and visit her new digs!

Above: a snapshot from the 
Wouldn't it be fun (and just a little swanky)
 to have a bit of tea and gingerbread at this table, 
after cooking up yummy goodies from 
I think so.