vivian maier

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2 more imperfect postcards from mary randolph carter (& a note from l.b.)

"Landscape: Another 25-cent junk painting that
has that look of Fall in the American countryside.

Still life of table: From my junk master's
collection--it reminded me of Thanksgiving."

the above in her original notes for
the postcards series. i've been
thinking about art a lot lately,
and maybe the reason it took
so long to publish these is that
i needed them to remind me
that art is not easy to define
and harder, still, to qualify.
louise bourgeois just arrived
in the mail, via a suggestion
here's what she said on p. 91:

"If I am asked what I want to
express, then this makes more
sense. At that point there is a
mystery we can at least talk
about, since for a lifetime I have
wanted to say the same thing..."

on the labor of artists and school teachers