reinventing journalism?

Clay Shirky's just posted
a speech by Nicholas Lemann
(given on Wednesday to the
Columbia Journalism School).

If you care about the way
find out what's happening
in the world,




pop art

gotta love her

and the dreams that you dare to dream

really do come true

dearest kb --
so glad you first called me on this day...

so glad we have been lucky in love;
so glad we have our four
marvelous kids to share this with

happy birthday, best friend

May 26, 1978: And so, all else above...

Who knew, when this cute boy first called (31 years ago on this date) that I would be taking (fuzzy) photos of now-ancient scrapbooks (that we haven't looked at in years) with my iPhone to celebrate his birthday, today?

Who knew we would date for four years, get married on a very warm day in Georgia, have four completely marvelous kids, set up camp in the southern tip of Silicon Valley...

Who knew I would love that boy more today than I did yesterday, and be secure in my knowledge that I will love him more tomorrow?

Who knew life could be so good?

Happy Birthday, Kevin. You came along on the 26th of May. It's been a remarkable day, ever after. A remarkable life, together. Here's what we do know, the kids and I: we do know we love you, more than we can ever say.