so much to love 8: lotus bleu

hayes street

The Book

What the Aesthete does is beyond enchanting:
it is the stuff of legend, as I see it now.

The Aesthete writes to us (that is, blogs) as a
good friend...a most careful and curious soul with
great intellect & a magnificent eye; a warm-hearted
professor of All that is Most Beautiful in the World...
a professor who throws the doors wide open, inviting
us into his well-appointed classroom, and teaches us
things we might never have known if it were not for
our dear friend. In the wake of his departure, I can
only think (hope) that he might perhaps return -- in
the not-too-distant future -- come back to the class-
room, as it were. Perhaps with a new text? How
magnificent it would be to see "An Aesthete's Lament:
The Book." How doubly delightful to see it on his blog,
announcing his return. One can only hope. And I do.

so much to love about san francisco 7: cake and coffee

get thee upstairs!

& rooftop garden
cakery at the


things i went back for (exhibit A)

one of the most arresting covers
i've laid eyes on. i actually had to
go back to the bookstore and buy
the book (several days after taking
this picture, which was many moons
ago...i should, really, take a better
photo for you. perhaps. someday).

no, i haven't read it yet.
yes, i'm hoping to.

what is it with books? the thing is,
actually, what would it be without
them? i'd never ever want to know.


i love it when a plan comes together

Just finished a job with a perfectly
incredible team; pure joy to work
with each of them. Above, the
magnificent Heidelberg prints our new
invitation. It will soon be in the mail :)

Many thanks, especially, to Chris
at Imperial Printing for her
ever-present can-do attitude.


i was sort of obsessed with these yesterday; they seemed almost more beautiful than anything i'd seen in a long, long while (aside from the people i love)

what was more gorgeous? the firm sides (brilliantly encasing and protecting immature peas) that seemed to still be alive glowing with sun, the pliable spine that held the little boat together, or the curling top that was more exquisite than any hat on any runway ever in Paris or Milan?

they were from the farmer's market stand in half moon bay, so they hadn't been crushed in a truck or by some gloved grocer or thrown into a dark bin

beauty, defined; spring