the important thing in life

you know (well, maybe you don't), i save some of the comments that are sent in. not as many as i should, perhaps. (i'm not much good at comments, myself; i get somewhat tongue-tied, usually.) but when someone sends a marvelous one, i'll try to save it or something. and don't ever reprint them, as in: have them stacked on the side of the blog. (but i've been tempted to, if only to remind myself of the good things.) anyway, this morning there was a comment in my mailbox that made such a difference. here, i'll reprint part of it for you. below. first, though, let me go back to something i used to say often, in the early days on the blog. please, when you are out and about today, say something nice to someone. do something nice for someone. be there. you never know what a difference it can make in another person's life. just smile at them, perhaps? truly smile. it can mean a great deal.

having someone believe in what you are doing, or just believe in the notion that you deserve a smile and a true wish for a good day: these are such simple things. and they can go so much farther than we understand. here is the smile that came in the mail this morning:

"The important thing in life," (or art)
"is not the triumph but the struggle,
the essential thing is not to have conquered but
to have fought well," Pierre de Coubertin...

[v.l., thank you so much for the whole comment. it was a sure beacon of light, and i will be forever grateful that you sent it. it reminds me of why i keep the blog going; how would we ever know if the words and pictures were not out there crossing continents and oceans with not even the skip of a heartbeat? changing, in some small and sure and marvelous way, lives.]