This might be the Christmas Card.

Right here. Just not sure we're going to get to
the printing, stamping, addressing, return-addressing thing this year.
Am wrestling with my feelings about that. Okay. Done wrestling.

Will be wishing everyone, as ever, great happiness
and tidings of joy and whatnot. Also: a few moments peace,
a lightening of the load,
the privilege of enjoying our abundant blessings;
sit down, let some stuff go, spend time on your kids
or your dog or your book.
Spend time on something you love.
Spend time with someone you love.

above all, remember
you are loved.


  1. LOVE it! Happy Christmas to you, Victoria!

  2. Hope you and your beautiful family have a fantastic Christmas :-)

    Would love to interview you about your design work for my blog in the New Year, if thats okay?


  3. Thanks Helen...would be honored. Look forward to it! Happy Christmas, from all of us!

  4. Love the cyber card idea! Reaching thousands with the click of an "enter" key! The family looks amazing...hey, where are the parents??? Will take your advice (and Deanna's) and spend time with something/someone you love (that would be the Thorne's)...sorry, doing a drive-by (which sounds so inner-city) to visit this week while hitting up the parental/family visits...Thorne's being so much part of the family! Tim and Kids