Good for Your Eyes and Your Soul, is Spontaneous Pie

Carrots, known to be good for the eyes, are in the latest post from the magnificent Emily Lisker.

Go check out Spontaneous Pie and see how Emily makes even the simplest things a soul-warming work of art.

Emily cooks like you're supposed to, I think: with care, and imagination, good taste buds and love. A pinch of some and a bit of other. No five-star sweat to bead your brow, no fussyglossy staged shots to fall short of. No invisible army of sous chefs dancing merrily behind the screen. 

It makes me want to turn on the oven again, and fire up the stove. Thank goodness.

Cooking can be fun, and simple, and you can enjoy it. I know this because I read Emily. And I am going to make Spontaneous Pie with spinach soon, and it will be good.

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  1. Spontaneous Pie... this is rather inspiring. I say, the creativity of some people.