How to Write and Illustrate a Picture Book

Reader, I believe this is the most
magnificent page I have ever seen.

It is beautiful, mainly, in that it encapsulates
perfectly an art which intrigues so many. I've
read so much about this, over the years, and
I can tell you that no one has even come close
to covering the subject so purely and concisely.
And it is in response to a query, once, from
yours truly. Was it a surprise and is it pure joy?

Yes, and yes. Here.


  1. Oh, my goodness, Victoria. Really.

  2. Anonymous26/7/09 02:10

    That was beautiful.

  3. Not only is this fantastic & beautiful...but I know someone who absolutely needs this & I will send to her. Thank you!

    FYI Victoria: I just tried to click on 'summer window' something like that...the feed coming thru on one of my blogs & the feed proxy says 'no such page'...perhaps it's momentary glitch but it happened 3 times. Just a heads up.


  4. dear guila, thank you!

    I actually took down (well, just saved to draft) the summer/window post.

    Decided it was far more important for people to get a chance to see the How To page (believing it to be fantastic and beautiful, as you do, and having received, by other means, several heart-felt and important responses to it).

    Summer windows will be back, eventually. (I love to save things and send them off again later. Or not.) For now, How To continues it's good work.