Sister on Wicker

"Even the simplest wicker basket
can become priceless when it is
loved and cared for through the
generations of a family."

Goodies, above:

"like looking out the windows of heaven"

Isn't the National Parks series magnificent?
Don't you want to make sure you see every one?


pinkie swear: promise yourself

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130 Elgin Avenue in the Snow: Edward Ardizzone

and I'd like to respond, here: I am most
happy to dig, Anon, and do completely
and with all my heart agree with what
you have written. Delighted to comply.

"Keep digging for Ardizzone material.
Edward Ardizzone championed a certain style
of illustration which is simple, effective and
portrays a realistic and moderate attitude to life."

And more to come.


be lovely



birch glows as if it has just arrived from Paris

Last Thursday

was just in Hayes Valley for a quick stop
and barely had a moment to take these
but, afterward, knew I had been in the
presence of greatness. Came home,
saw website, and blog, and found that
someone profoundly wise and capable
of bringing true beauty to our world
had set up a little shop in town;

must go back soon.