what to do

No one can alter truth.
What we can and should do is to search for truth and then serve it when we have found it.
-Maximilian Kolbe

Kolbe refused to see an enemy in any man.

His goodness caused those whom one might
not expect to do so to assume a more human
stance. For this reason, I have been reading
quite a bit about him lately. What better
lesson might there be?

That- if we choose to- we can go beyond ourselves
and reach for truth.

That- when we find it- we will know what to do with it.



When I read a book
on Einstein's physics of which
I understood nothing,
it doesn't matter:
will make me
something else.


3 ways to make yourself happy

Even better than chocolate, and lasts longer:

a magnificent group of people
who are swimming to
a difference...

Abilities United
is in the San Francisco Bay area-
a non-profit agency
that provides education, training and
support so that
more independently. HERE.

(the other 2 ways? earl grey & rose otto, at miette in the ferry building)

...seeing that it was a soft October night, Curled once about the house, and fell asleep.

this, purely wonderful- to hear eliot read prufrock

while working-

or not working-

stockings: barbara munsel

on being light of heart: please take note of

those flowers.

glimpsed in the brilliant here,
via the wonderful there