a little story

spoon & textile: nettie's
shoes: topsy
flowers: for nellie

love letters

claudia schwartz's
artistry never ceases
to amaze me.
has so clearly
influenced the art of our time-
it's really something perfectly
extraordinary. from the moment so
many of us first laid eyes on the shop,
sitting- still- on the small corner in the
city that seems- because bell'occhio is
there- suffused with magic, claudia's
amazing vision and brilliant artistry
has influenced our lives. it seems
to me that she is truly one of the
masters of our age, and i'd put
forth that the whole endeavor
and- most especially- it's
proprietress ought to be
considered one of our
national treasures.

brava, bell'occhio!

all images: bell'occhio


rosenthaler strasse

les bucoliques


i'm starting to love linkedin;
think i've been on it forever,
and really pay little attention
to my profile (yikes, right?)...
but the most amazing people
turn up & then link to you &
what's not to love? above,
please meet the magnificent
Sarah Wels. i know of her
through her brilliant art and
the marvelous family that our
daughter stayed with when
studying in France (both
parents are wonderful
artists, and friends of Ms.
Wels). Fell in love with
Sarah's les bucoliques while
visiting Viv, & couldn't have
been happier when a few
lovely pieces found their
way to our Christmas tree.

All, simply gorgeous; just go see.