Rauschenberg, on the momentum of interesting ideas.

"Screwing things up is a virtue," he said when he was 74. "Being correct is never the point. I have an almost fanatically correct assistant, and by the time she re-spells my words and corrects my punctuation, I can't read what I wrote. Being right can stop all the momentum of a very interesting idea."


Robert Rauschenberg: "...you're born an artist or not."

I usually work in a direction until I know how to do it, then I stop...At the time that I am bored or understand--I use those words interchangeably--another appetite has formed.  A lot of people try to think up ideas.  I'm not one.  I'd rather accept the irresistible possiblities of what I can't ignore...
Anything you do will be an abuse of somebody else's aesthetics.  I think you're born an artist or not.  I couldn't have learned it.  And I hope I never do because knowing more only encourages your limitations."

"Robert Rauschenberg, Who Redefined American Art, Is Dead at 82."  NYT 14.05.08