dear mr. mort,

photos: mister mort

dear atelier,

all photos: atelier


midsummer mitford

to mark a mid-summer
mitford moment on
splendid little augury
(go, see)

increasingly random

working this week on one of my
favorite projects, and the client
pulled (from folder) a bit of scratch
paper on which, many months ago,
i'd been thinking (there were a
lot of arrows). today, noticed
these strange little photos from
(also) months ago and realized: when
thinking, i sure do like arrows

Random thoughts from
three different projects:
trellis, porch, fence;
event design;
tiny backyard cabana created
with salvaged materials.

sketches: vt


scratched into
a choir balcony
in lermoos


"What is important?
What makes me get out of bed every morning?
What attaches me to this place?
How can I continue to evolve?
These are the questions I ask in this work and for me the answer lies in the feelings one has for others, in the love for one’s family.

These are the basic, essential things."

- Andre Cepada

Thanks to David John. Again.