i love it when a plan comes together

Just finished a job with a perfectly
incredible team; pure joy to work
with each of them. Above, the
magnificent Heidelberg prints our new
invitation. It will soon be in the mail :)

Many thanks, especially, to Chris
at Imperial Printing for her
ever-present can-do attitude.


i was sort of obsessed with these yesterday; they seemed almost more beautiful than anything i'd seen in a long, long while (aside from the people i love)

what was more gorgeous? the firm sides (brilliantly encasing and protecting immature peas) that seemed to still be alive glowing with sun, the pliable spine that held the little boat together, or the curling top that was more exquisite than any hat on any runway ever in Paris or Milan?

they were from the farmer's market stand in half moon bay, so they hadn't been crushed in a truck or by some gloved grocer or thrown into a dark bin

beauty, defined; spring


5: chinatown

to someone i love so dearly

it's your birthday
and that makes my
heart sing with
happiness; please
come back to visit
soon, and we will
ride the cable cars

so much to love about san francisco 4: The Haight

this is from a
to-die-for shop
on the haight; i
have the card in
my (again, voluminous)
files. when it turns up
i promise to post the
name. please go there.

mail early in the day (more to love in sf)

i adore the huntington hotel
it is charming and warm and
somewhat quite grand, which you
really can't tell from these photos
because i have a habit of taking
pictures of rather odd things but
somewhere in my voluminous
photo bank (too voluminous,
must sort soon) there are better
pics of this sweet hideaway and if
you go there don't forget to have
dinner at The Big 4 downstairs or
you will miss half the fun. yep.

(plus there is a heavenly spa)


so much to love about san francisco; why not stop by the ferry building and see

the heavenly

(snapped these in february,
perhaps they're still there...if
not, something else wonderful
is surely in store. i promise.)

campfire girl

picked this up a few years ago
for a shop window I was
working on; was going to put it in
with wispy hostess aprons in organdy
and calico, and a few delectable
buff-colored enamel plates trimmed
in faded granny apple green
[& there was a lovely stodgy tin
coffee pot, the color of wisteria leaves]

sort of a tribute to the June Cleavers
of the covered-wagon set . . .


thankfully rather not uncluttered

einstein's desk here


unerringly beautiful

" . . . So much in ten brief years! I have forgot
What time the purple apples come to juice,
And what month brings the shy forget-me-not.
I have forgot the special, startling season
Of the pimento's flowering and fruiting;
What time of year the ground doves brown the fields . . . "