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unerringly beautiful

" . . . So much in ten brief years! I have forgot
What time the purple apples come to juice,
And what month brings the shy forget-me-not.
I have forgot the special, startling season
Of the pimento's flowering and fruiting;
What time of year the ground doves brown the fields . . . "


Nothing is ever invented

Talking About Fashion by Christian Dior"

m. b. goffstein has just published

(word on the notes:
they are
you will find them
at the end of each
of the novelettos)

photo: m. b. goffstein,

Rabanus Maurus

ever since searching for
illuminations & such
last week, i've become (once again)
slightly obsessed with them
(this has been going on for years)

you'll probably be seeing a few more

(i hope to keep better notes, too;
here, a link to the secret archives. oh my.)

[clicking on this image
and enlarging it will
help illustrate what's
to be so obsessed about]

p. s. This looks excellent.



We have been all about
Easter vacation around
here, lately, and most
efforts have been going
to enjoying the time with
loved ones far and near;
sometimes you prep for
these things for weeks,
don't you, and then they
go by so very quickly?
That's pretty much the
case right now. While
we are still enjoying
the luxury of the next
few days of visits, and
I continue to coast in
posts (hence my pro-
clivity for sending you
elsewhere for the last
several pages at least) . .
well, thought I'd share
more favorites now &
say tschüss for a bit or so.


(I've added an illustration below -- a great
favorite by the exceedingly remarkable
Ivan Terestchenko -- that might better explain

Thank you, Little Augury,
for the image & your magnificent taste.)

$169,900 (via the Aesthete)

perhaps it's finally
time to set up boxes,
get out your packing tape,
call the moving van?

all because of this:

Marcel Breuer
in Canajoharie

Four Winds

(do stop by and see it)


Why I Paint . . .

They abound in the heavens and earths.

They are museums . . .

They are ground into artists pigments

Of almost every color.


excerpted from


M. B. Goffstein


wendy ewald

"I taught the children how to use Polaroid cameras to photograph inside their tiny, crowded rooms. I also asked the children to photograph their dreams. Uryi said he hadn’t dreamed since leaving Belarus; he wanted to make photographs of 'a police dream' he’d had back home." Wendy Ewald, from Photography Changes Personal History
(with thanks to royal quiet deluxe)

Heaven Arrives

They're here, courtesy of M. B. Goffstein.
(Spending time in Heaven is a good thing.)


tahoe in march
(snow beach at heavenly)

very happy

Boy, was I happy to read this.

(simply marvelous)


so glad you made it

I can't stop thinking about this. Dominque Browning (the Dominque Browning of House & Garden) is blogging. And, just as she did before, she's got things to say and things to show us. Life changing things. She's already tackled several subjects that most folks don't feel comfortable talking about and done it in such a way that (just as we saw in House & Garden during the years that she was at the helm) you know you're looking through a window to a life that you need to see. For so very many years, Ms. Browning's magazine was one you went to for sustenance: she brought us the best. And now she's here, and bound to do it again. And I am so very, very glad.

(and, in the nyt magazine today, Losing It)