so glad you made it

I can't stop thinking about this. Dominque Browning (the Dominque Browning of House & Garden) is blogging. And, just as she did before, she's got things to say and things to show us. Life changing things. She's already tackled several subjects that most folks don't feel comfortable talking about and done it in such a way that (just as we saw in House & Garden during the years that she was at the helm) you know you're looking through a window to a life that you need to see. For so very many years, Ms. Browning's magazine was one you went to for sustenance: she brought us the best. And now she's here, and bound to do it again. And I am so very, very glad.

(and, in the nyt magazine today, Losing It)


Duncan Hannah | On His Work

6:30 March 31

"Duncan Hannah is a New York-based figurative painter who has had 50 solo exhibitions in the United States & England." More here and here. (Splendid!)


nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be

Both of these books arrived at our little abode
in the last few days and I am in love, I cannot
help but admit it. Hadley Head, for sure (and
this copy is signed! 'Tho not to me. Heh. But,
hey, it was online and such a good price...how
could I not?). And Lagerfeld's bookshelves (&
paintbrushes!) in The Selby. What's not to adore?

I realize the books may seem a like of bit of an
odd couple, but something about the two of them
getting here together gives me great pleasure.

[all you need is love]