summer night

long days,
full moon.
no better light.


looking at the photo,
i can only tell you that
these two walls painted
these two colors had the
most unexpected shock
of loveliness and it is
very difficult to explain;
it created (on that hot
muggy day) the most
vibrant, alluring elegy
to these women of the
bauhaus. i wish you
could see it in person.

(there's no

what she does with flowers,

how she sees them,
good lord; it does
pry the doors of the
universe wide open



This is my favorite new blog.

I've begun to realize that most of the people I admire
beyond all possibility of explanation are, or have been
at some time, teachers. There's really no way to completely
comprehend how much the influence of one good teacher
can change a single life (yours?). The truly great teachers
might do this hundreds (thousands?) of times. And
changing just one life is really a pretty big deal, isn't it?

How can anyone fully explain the amount of admiration this merits?


photo from here


corners of heaven

while travelling, it occurred to me that we
make our roadmap of heaven here on earth.
what we choose to do. how we live it.

above, a photo that looks to me to be
a corner of a heaven: valéry lorenzo's studio.
there are other corners of heaven that seem
to have been showing up. perhaps it helps to notice them.

in our tiny slice of california, it is hot and beautiful.
i note that certainly (though it is in need of
a little tlc and a lot of water) one corner happens, thankfully,
to be right in our backyard.

good to be home.

national treasure