This is my favorite new blog.

I've begun to realize that most of the people I admire
beyond all possibility of explanation are, or have been
at some time, teachers. There's really no way to completely
comprehend how much the influence of one good teacher
can change a single life (yours?). The truly great teachers
might do this hundreds (thousands?) of times. And
changing just one life is really a pretty big deal, isn't it?

How can anyone fully explain the amount of admiration this merits?


photo from here


  1. It meant everything to me; I was saved by teachers. Literally.

  2. The women in the picture could be my mother, she was a school teacher for thirty years. I love teachers!!!!!!

  3. You're an angel. Thanks for highlighting my blog- we're all teaching something, right? And any kid's most important and first teachers are their parents. Thanks for teaching me the importance of taking foreigners in... wouldn't have survived this long without you and your beautiful family. LOVE YOU!