things i went back for (exhibit A)

one of the most arresting covers
i've laid eyes on. i actually had to
go back to the bookstore and buy
the book (several days after taking
this picture, which was many moons
ago...i should, really, take a better
photo for you. perhaps. someday).

no, i haven't read it yet.
yes, i'm hoping to.

what is it with books? the thing is,
actually, what would it be without
them? i'd never ever want to know.


  1. My dream room is lined, floor to ceiling, with books. Looking through one's shelves reveals far more about that person than the medicine cabinet!


  2. I absolutely agree, MT. I was thinking, too, when I read your note, that a dream room lined floor to ceiling with magnificent book covers would be it's own sort of heaven....