The Book

What the Aesthete does is beyond enchanting:
it is the stuff of legend, as I see it now.

The Aesthete writes to us (that is, blogs) as a
good friend...a most careful and curious soul with
great intellect & a magnificent eye; a warm-hearted
professor of All that is Most Beautiful in the World...
a professor who throws the doors wide open, inviting
us into his well-appointed classroom, and teaches us
things we might never have known if it were not for
our dear friend. In the wake of his departure, I can
only think (hope) that he might perhaps return -- in
the not-too-distant future -- come back to the class-
room, as it were. Perhaps with a new text? How
magnificent it would be to see "An Aesthete's Lament:
The Book." How doubly delightful to see it on his blog,
announcing his return. One can only hope. And I do.

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