miara mysterious (or: iamsonotperrymason)

ms. kalman

exhibit A

[this may or may not be ms. kalman's room. 
it's linked to the very interesting blog, above, 
and i just can't seem to find more info. 
midnight addendum: 
just found the info. & said room is
not, I repeat not, ms. kalman's: 
why is it connected to her? here

exhibit B: no exhibit b, sorry

[it's late, i'm tired.]

please note:boys and girls, it just seemed like an awfully good time to celebrate mairaness this weekend; as ever, i'd like to suggest that you check out mairakalman.com to find out where the wonder really lies. it's a marvel.

photo of ms. kalman: [the brilliant] rick meyerowitz 


Top photograph is New York City.

Next two photographs are from 
marvelous road trip, detailed here.

maira robin

maira begin

photo ssahn.com
rabbits via saul gallery

maira dream

maira mural


April Food Day

The Chronicle:

"Unfortunately, the scientific findings on diet and disease are marginalized by the political power of huge, mutually reinforcing commercial interests - meat, dairy, sugar, drugs and surgery...

These industries are desperate to sell a solution that obscures their part in the problem. If they can convince people that the cause of our health crisis has nothing to do with eating unhealthy food, and everything to do with increasing access to drugs and surgery, Americans will spend trillions more on health care without improving their health."

via eric case                        
illustration, maira kalman
Mike Monteiro

interesting note, here


thank you

it's spring
which is wonderful

and time
to thank you for stopping by

you are much appreciated

these photos were taken
last week in a garden tucked
near Lone Mountain
in San Francisco

it's really a spectacular place,
Lone Mountain: this is the view
as you approach the top of the hill

right down that hill (on the other side)
the sweet garden bursts into bloom
and clumps of dirt team with sprouts
and spiral tendrils and sprays of white
stars and the promise of something

the tendrils and sprouts, really,
are just as spectacular
as being on the hill that
has a distinct feel of heaven:
it's all in the way we look at it

the fact that you stopped by to
read this is equally wonderful,
and I thank you for that

happy spring

old shed in little garden 
[near Lone Mountain]

hunch fun