miara mysterious (or: iamsonotperrymason)

ms. kalman

exhibit A

[this may or may not be ms. kalman's room. 
it's linked to the very interesting blog, above, 
and i just can't seem to find more info. 
midnight addendum: 
just found the info. & said room is
not, I repeat not, ms. kalman's: 
why is it connected to her? here

exhibit B: no exhibit b, sorry

[it's late, i'm tired.]

please note:boys and girls, it just seemed like an awfully good time to celebrate mairaness this weekend; as ever, i'd like to suggest that you check out mairakalman.com to find out where the wonder really lies. it's a marvel.

photo of ms. kalman: [the brilliant] rick meyerowitz 

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