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M. B. Goffstein

Crossroads Recycled Lumber

This looks like a great place. Found them on the web a few days ago, called & spoke to Marc today, and a package with sample pieces is now winging it's way toward me.
All for a cabin project, a little house in the mountains that is coming along well . . . a real joy. The client's focus, delightfully enough, is to design the whole shebang in the most environmentally friendly way possible. It's a delight. Months ago, we installed soaring arched windows (from Whole House Building Supply) which once graced the facade of a classic San Francisco townhouse: those San Francisco windows now look out over a lushly wooded mountain top that reaches, just beyond sight, to the Pacific.
It's a mountain greenery, for sure.
I'll let you know when the samples arrive. (Thank you, Marc!)

the style saloniste

have you visited the style saloniste?
it's a wonderment
perfectly magnificent

Unclutterer: The Book Is Here

Unclutter Your Life in One Week just arrived yesterday. I've become a faithful reader of the blog, and can't wait to see if this is the sacred tome that will change my life. Let's keep our fingers crossed, shall we? Above, an office space that Erin posted. (I'm nowhere near this uncluttered. But hope doth spring eternal!)


On Life

Life is organic. Each task is part of the fabric.

Do it well & you are having fun.

M. B. Goffstein