found their shoes in ulm a few summers ago;
they are sort of beyond what mere mortals
might employ. (or at least this mere mortal;
i'd be happy to employ a few pairs, even so.)


hollister hovey

ex libris!

1968 again

looking at this, i think that
an entire generation (more
than one, actually) has been
influenced by this set. it's
still superb; just as magic as
it was then. perhaps more
so now? how many of us
just wanted to live there?

yet more wonders from l'écaille de la sirène

(including Marie Antoinette's corset)


after i stopped thinking about tumbleweeds, i
started trying to figure out how i could pull off
dressing in a way that pretty much looked last
century. at seven, i became certain that the road to
happiness would be growing up and being able to
look like someone who'd just stepped out of an
edwardian carriage (on an edwardian street in,
of course, an edwardian outfit). there's no doubt
it was not quite the usual. what little girl obsesses
about these things? (two years later, we moved
to kansas and it was all about poke bonnets and
pioneer dress.) 'tho i did get a pair of coveted go-go
boots. adored them. they were white. and shiny.

it was, after all, the sixties.

looking back, i'm sure i'd fallen in love with
constitution island and the warner's rooms
full of marvelous dusty and exceedingly tidy
books; and, of course, we were surrounded by
boys -- charming boys -- in uniforms that hadn't
much changed since those warner sister days.
(why shouldn't i have dressed to match?) at
west point, the air felt magic. being there, on
that sweet hudson river, seemed good fortune.

charming underpinnings, photo:

a story, a story

l'écaille de la sirène



when we lived in oklahoma
(fort sill) we used to make
tumbleweed snowmen. or
was it in southern california?
i think it was oklahoma, and
that in so. cal. -- when i was
older and wiser, in kindergarten
now and not just in preschool! --
i simply could not understand why
there weren't enough tumbleweeds
to put together a proper snowman.

the next year we up &
moved to new york, and snowmen
became an entirely different species.




located canoe


Mary Webb

This post from the ever-excellent
Booktryst sent me in search of
Mary Webb, and I am finding it
difficult to put Precious Bane
down. More on this later, probably.
Please note that there is currently
an exhibit at Stanford. (Hope to go.)