And A Good Time Was Had By All!

Dozens of Red Roses From Jack, Her True Love

The Fountain We Found In Nola

Barb's Day At The Beach


Happy Birthday, My Dear Friend!
Best Wishes for The Wonderful Year Ahead


One More From the Big House

One of Our Design Projects In Willow Glen

Something Different is in the Air

Looking for Something Different?

Got it.

This is a bit of fun, out-takes from a shoot that was actually for a house that was under construction (I selected many of the finishing materials and colors for the interiors and exterior).

Margot, Megan and I took a few moments off to do a riff on "Brooke Astor Meets Eloise by Way of The Little House," or something like that (Brooke Astor had just passed away, and I was reading Patchwork Child, one of her autobiographies, and was enchanted by it).

I'd hoped to create a little advertising campaign for my design business around one the other shots--a close up, with the binoculars.
It was to say:
"Looking for Something Different?
Victoria Thorne Design."

Photo Design|Style: Victoria Thorne
Photographer: Margot Hartford


I Can Fly

mary blair, genius

victoria thorne, staging & design
margot hartford, photographer
megan logsdon, model
house on laurie avenue, pink bath
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