Something Different is in the Air

Looking for Something Different?

Got it.

This is a bit of fun, out-takes from a shoot that was actually for a house that was under construction (I selected many of the finishing materials and colors for the interiors and exterior).

Margot, Megan and I took a few moments off to do a riff on "Brooke Astor Meets Eloise by Way of The Little House," or something like that (Brooke Astor had just passed away, and I was reading Patchwork Child, one of her autobiographies, and was enchanted by it).

I'd hoped to create a little advertising campaign for my design business around one the other shots--a close up, with the binoculars.
It was to say:
"Looking for Something Different?
Victoria Thorne Design."

Photo Design|Style: Victoria Thorne
Photographer: Margot Hartford

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