wishing you a restful weekend

two favorites together

is celebrating the work
of P. Gaye Tapp, a.k.a.
I'll admit being pretty
darn smitten by; adore
her style, her verve, her
charmingly crafted stories
and exceedingly lovely
eye). More, here. Cheers!

artwork: P. Gaye Tapp, Little Augury
website: Parthenia

by the way

and that's a very very good thing (&
okay, i know the above isn't LA, but
i came across it here while looking
for palm trees & there you go). so:
hurrah, Patricia! Can't wait to hear
all about this sunny trip-to-be...

Ivan Terestchenko

The colored thread, the braid, the
neat scissors. The sweetly elegant
needlework. The spools, the paper,
the pins. Simple/a universe.