april twenty-second: a good day to start something

Twenty eight years ago, on the twenty-second 
of April, a charming boy who had captured my 
heart (forevermore) proposed. We were married 
a year later, in June (on a warm Georgia day), 
surrounded by people we loved...six years later, 
on April twenty-second, our third child was born.
Today is his twenty-second birthday
(happy birthday, dear redhead of ours!). 

April twenty-second is a lovely, lovely day.

Perhaps is it is a good day to start something 
else new...we (for the past several months, 
there is another wonderful designer with whom 
I've collaborated on several projects) have 
a few treats in store for you. Stay tuned! 


  1. Happy anniversary and happy birth day. (I was born on my parents' anniversary as well.) Can't wait to see what else you are cooking up.

  2. What an auspicious day! Many happy returns to you all!

  3. I remember that day 28 years ago like it was yesterday! Wasn't it?

    Time flies, etc. etc.

    Much love,

  4. Three of my favorite people, all in a row! Happiness.

    Auds, I am 100% positively sure you know exactly what I was wearing. (As well as what I wore all three days of Parent's Weekend, when we went up to see those beautiful boys of ours after Plebe Summer!) You always had the very best memory (and espadrilles...especially those ones with the ribbons).

    Time doth fly. But love remains.

    xxoo vik