Most Remarkably Beautiful: Irena Sendler

"My emotion is being shadowed by the fact that no one from the circle of my faithful coworkers, who constantly risked their lives, could live long enough to enjoy all the honors that now are falling upon me…. I can’t find the words to thank you, my dear girls… Before the day you have written the play ‘Life in a Jar’, nobody in my own country and few in the whole world knew about my person and my work during the war …”
Irena Sendler. More, Here.
also: here and here


  1. Was just reading about this remarkable woman this morning. The quote that was an arrow to my heart was how she said she was not the hero, the parents and grandparents who surrendered their children where the ones who deserved the credit. They gave up their only joy.

  2. Checking your blog Victoria, after you left a comment on mine, now I begin to see the point
    of comments:
    I find a new & interesting site, & get to hear of this great lady, 'remarkably beautiful' indeed. Thanks! (Not sure I've done it correctly
    I'm really slow on anything remotely technical..)