Alice Saga

I think, best I can remember, 
that the first time I saw the vt blog
on a blogroll was at Alice in Wonderland
And, because Alice Saga has such
exquisite taste, it really is impossible
for me to tell you how much 
that meant, many months ago,
when this blog was quite new...

And still does. Alice Saga, thank you. 

Above, at the window, Jenny Reyes.
(More about Geronimo, & Jenny, here.)

All photos from Alice in Wonderland, 
the equally ethereal Alice's Salon Coquette

[Alice Saga is an 
amazing amazing 
brilliant stylist 
who is a.k.a.


  1. Lovely, Victoria. I'm so glad you added the LinkedWithin widget as well. It really does help...& I'm dragging myself away from it until it's dark out. Warm & sunny in DC today & tomorrow....but will be back. xo susan

  2. Susan...

    You are so sweet: I was thinking I should bring you some chamomile tea to sip (when you came back in the evening to read)...you only live around the corner from where I used to live...now, it would be quite a trek to get that tea there by nightfall!

    DC, on a sunny spring day, is pure delight. I miss it! Thanks again.