This might be the Christmas Card.

Right here. Just not sure we're going to get to
the printing, stamping, addressing, return-addressing thing this year.
Am wrestling with my feelings about that. Okay. Done wrestling.

Will be wishing everyone, as ever, great happiness
and tidings of joy and whatnot. Also: a few moments peace,
a lightening of the load,
the privilege of enjoying our abundant blessings;
sit down, let some stuff go, spend time on your kids
or your dog or your book.
Spend time on something you love.
Spend time with someone you love.

above all, remember
you are loved.


(Madlenka x 1,000) + Peter Sis = Chicago

December 12th 2008
there's wonders afoot 
in Chicago....
a thousand Madlenkas, in Spanish, 
are going to schoolchildren...
more about it, here.


Good for Your Eyes and Your Soul, is Spontaneous Pie

Carrots, known to be good for the eyes, are in the latest post from the magnificent Emily Lisker.

Go check out Spontaneous Pie and see how Emily makes even the simplest things a soul-warming work of art.

Emily cooks like you're supposed to, I think: with care, and imagination, good taste buds and love. A pinch of some and a bit of other. No five-star sweat to bead your brow, no fussyglossy staged shots to fall short of. No invisible army of sous chefs dancing merrily behind the screen. 

It makes me want to turn on the oven again, and fire up the stove. Thank goodness.

Cooking can be fun, and simple, and you can enjoy it. I know this because I read Emily. And I am going to make Spontaneous Pie with spinach soon, and it will be good.

sweet heaven

miette is beyond sweet.

it is sort of just completely ethereal:
beautiful, swooningly delicious,
exquisitely packaged, perfectly presented.

in short, heaven.

right here at the
san francisco ferry building.

Being Digital: Nice. Google Magazine Search: Good.

"'Imagine an electronic newspaper delivered to your home as bits. Assume it is sent to a magical, paper-thin, flexible, waterproof, wireless, lightweight, bright display...Done well, this is likely to be a magnificent news medium. Done badly, it will be hell.' 
Heck, I just want it to be done in my lifetime."   {cover design: Chip Kidd}
from me:
Just noted that we will now all have digital tear sheets, instead of glossy piles of scattered 2-D italian sofas and random lighting ideas...google has just announced it's magazine search. Good, and about time. It has often seemed that magazines might have done this earlier...when many of our shoots were published, it was always hard to understand why it wasn't online...so much more readership potential. Well, now it's here, thanks to google. Cool.


Vintage Anna Internet: Office Office

Well, I imagine that everyone may have already seen this before, eons ago, but I just found it (in my current WOI search...Anna's house was in the mag, a while back) and I thought it was worth a gander. More here.

The office. The bob. The wall, the blooms. Simple, elegant, inspired. Exquisite vintage internet Anna.

World of Interiors

World of Interiors, originally uploaded by qwin cowper.

a very very good issue;
thank goodness it finally
arrived in the mail basket...

thanks to qwin for the pic


General Eric Shinseki

Wonderful and long-awaited news

We have learned so much about strength from General Shinseki.

There is no weapon more powerful than the truth. To accompany this with wisdom, patience, and good intention: this is the stuff of greatness. 

Thank you, Mr. Obama.