Being Digital: Nice. Google Magazine Search: Good.

"'Imagine an electronic newspaper delivered to your home as bits. Assume it is sent to a magical, paper-thin, flexible, waterproof, wireless, lightweight, bright display...Done well, this is likely to be a magnificent news medium. Done badly, it will be hell.' 
Heck, I just want it to be done in my lifetime."   {cover design: Chip Kidd}
from me:
Just noted that we will now all have digital tear sheets, instead of glossy piles of scattered 2-D italian sofas and random lighting ideas...google has just announced it's magazine search. Good, and about time. It has often seemed that magazines might have done this earlier...when many of our shoots were published, it was always hard to understand why it wasn't online...so much more readership potential. Well, now it's here, thanks to google. Cool.

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